The New York & New Jersey Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth Pics

Ever wish it was possible to have a mirror that took the photos for you?  With the new All Generations Selfie Mirror Booth, photos are created within the mirror.  The mirror has a touch screen with vibrant animations, vocal guidance, and other interactive concepts.  The photo taking experience becomes far more interactive than taking a typical selfie and is currently offered in New York & New Jersey.

The booth has a custom workflow builder. This allows a variety of animations and camera shots that will entertain guests endlessly throughout your event.  There are different settings that can be utilized to create unique animations and more suited animations for your event audience. Background images can easily be changed and swapped, GIFs can be made rather than photos, and preview options are available to see if an image is worth printing.

Different layout options are available.  There is layout support for both vertical and horizontal use.  There are no limitations on how the mirror can be used!  There are options for unique, neon signatures with the mirror, allowing for heightened personalization with each photo. As well as customizable animations settings, the mirror can create customized prints.  The layout for the printed images, including background, orientation and size, are available to be customized.  If a green screen feature is used, backgrounds can easily be changed for printing.  If there is desire for full size photos or simply photo strips, these are options as well.

Being as the Selfie Mirror Booth is a great option for all events, it is perfectly portable.  The durable nature and simple set up allows the booth to handle travel, as well as be set up in only 15 minutes. At your request we can also customize your booth’s frame design and color.

With the Selfie Mirror Booth, guests at any event can feel as though they are stepping into a truly magical experience.  With this mirror, color and animation enter the realm of real life in ways never before experienced – allowing for a fantastical experience for people of all ages.

For more information on this booth check out our photo booth page or contact us for pricing.