The Bar/Club DJ at your private event

There are often many misconceptions that a bar or club DJ does not know how to do DJ a wedding or other private events types. There is some truth to this comment but it really depends on the DJ. In fact, a majority of DJs will in fact have started working at a local bar or club before slowly moving into the mobile entertainment industry. If a DJ has solely only worked the nightlife and has no private event experience, then they should be working alongside an experienced mobile entertainer at these events before going solo. There are however  many pros for a mobile DJ to keep themselves active in the nightlife scene once they are a mobile entertainer and very few cons. Lets start with the pros:

Pros to being a mobile entertainer & nightlife DJ

  • Stay current in music and what people are listening to
  • Ability to continue to network with professionals in the entertainment & music industry
  • Can be heard by future clients at their venue
  • Always being able to DJ on a weekly basis even if there are no private events
  • Ability to try new tricks or songs at a bar/club instead of a private event

Cons to being a mobile entertainer & nightlife DJ

  • Late hours
  • Must remember that everything that works in a club/bar is not necessarily suitable for a private event

No two DJs are alike but more experience will improve the ability to read a crowd. Private event DJs typically need to keep themselves as open format and although the nightlife scene may not call for every genre, it will only help keep that DJ active and fresh. If you find your DJ from the nightlife scene make sure you ask about their private party experience!

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