Today’s bride does not always follow tradition, in fact tradition itself is questionable as of late. The standard “Canon  in D” and “Here Comes the Bride” are played less these days at ceremonies as couples are venturing off into a more unique and modern playlist.

When choosing music for your ceremony I truly believe that the choices should contain meaning much like your first dance at the reception. The meaning itself does not have to be anything more then just the simple fact that it is a song you both cherish. Everyone knows the traditional songs and has heard them again and again, why not use an instrumental version of a different song.

I often refer couples to check on iTunes “The Piano Tribute Players” and the website for the “The Piano Guys“. Many people are unaware of the versions available for their favorite tunes that are “wedding friendly”. Even a heavy rock song may have a cello or piano cover that is easy listening on the ears for a wedding environment but meaningful to the newlyweds. We always encourage unique and different. Another choice gaining popularity is an electronic violinist. We offer 3 New York  Wedding Violinists each with their own unique style that cannot only perform live music of your choice during the ceremony but also compliment the DJ during your reception. Live music always encourages a memorable vibe and this may be just the option for you.

As a boutique New York Wedding DJ we treat each and every couple as a unique wedding we have the privilege to entertain for . The cookie cutter approach is not what we or you want for your special day!

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